Creative Craft Workshops

Our creative craft workshops encourage children to explore their imaginations and express themselves creatively through a diverse range of colourful craft materials.  The craft activities are themed in line with our musical theatre performances, and each child will have an artistic creation to take home as a memento.

Song Writing Workshops 

Our song writing workshops encourage creativity, teamwork, participation and active use of the imagination. They are delivered in a non-threatening environment, where children are encouraged to contribute their own lyrical ideas through brainstorming.  The use of rhythm, rhyme and melody are combined with the exploration of themes in order to set up the necessary structure of the song.  The group then sings the finished song at the end of the workshop.  A finished recorded copy of the song can also be made available via email after the workshop.

Musical Instrument Making Workshop

Our instrument making workshops are a combination of recycling and music making.  We will begin the session by demonstrating a variety of simple musical instruments that have been handmade using every day, recycled items.  Then each child can choose from a variety of supplied materials to create their very own recycled musical instrument, such as a tambourine, shaker, drum, guitar or rain stick.  At the end of the workshop, the children are encouraged to play their instruments as a group.

Musical Performance/Workshop Combination

Our workshops are offered as stand-alone events or in combination with one of our musical performances.

Creative workshops for kids in Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Creative craft workshops for children in Brisbane


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