To change the world one smile at a time ...


Once upon a time there were four friends named Dez, Vanessa, Flip and Ted. They lived in a magical place called Lemon Drops Land in a little yellow house. One day they decided to form a band, and they all chose an instrument to play. Dez chose to sing and play the guitar, Vanessa decided to sing and play a yellow tambourine, Ted the Bear chose to play the bass because he couldn’t sing, and Flip the Frog played drums because he couldn’t do either.  

They wrote songs that children could dance to, about things that were really important to them. Vanessa used to be a PE teacher so she liked to write action songs. Ted the Bear wrote songs about his animal friends. Flip the Frog preferred to write environmental tunes because he was concerned about the world. Dez, well Dez, he wrote about everything else, using all the different musical styles he loved.

They sometimes ventured out of Lemon Drops Land to play concerts all over Australia. “Maybe one day we could make it really big,” said Ted the Bear, “but what would we do with all that fame and money?” So they thought about it and decided they could raise money for good causes, make children happy, travel all over the world, and dance together under the rainbow. They also invited their friend Flutter the Butterfly to join them because she also loved to dance, and you may see her fluttering around the audience if you go to a Fabulous Lemon Drops concert.  read more »


Vanessa and Dez

Ted the Bear

Flip the Frog

Flutter the Butterfly

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