How Do You Feel Today?

Four upbeat songs about feelings and emotions providing a soundtrack for emotional wellbeing in children.

Emotional development clearly plays a significant role in the mental wellbeing of healthy growing children.  We believe our new songs can assist this process by encouraging children to talk about emotions, recognise and name their emotions and realise these different feelings are in fact normal.  In effect providing both mental health awareness and stimulating further conversation.  The songs also inspire children to be kind, think of others and spread a little joy around the world.  Maybe through teaching children to focus on the needs of others and not their own, they will then learn to truly help themselves.

Two of the songs were shortlisted in the Australian Songwriting Contest 2019 with one song going on to win a Top 10 place.

The EP is available everywhere. Click here for links to stream and download.

How Do You Feel Today? EP


  1. There Are Times
  2. Let's Sing
  3. How Do You Feel Today?
  4. Fly Like A Butterfly

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