Helping othersWe Love To Give Back

Throughout our lives helping others has always featured strongly. Our Fabulous Lemon Drops journey began with a fundraising performance for the Starlight Children's Foundation at our home for our daughter's eighth birthday. Since that day we have performed at many charity fundraisers and often use our touring performances as an opportunity to raise money for a particular charity. In the past we have helped the Australian Koala Foundation, the Children's Hospital Foundation, SANE Australia plus many more.

We spend a large portion of the year performing in rural and regional Australia. On our travels we get to meet many amazing farming families who live and work in these regions. So we have decided to support Drought Angels at our live events this year. Drought Angels is a small charity that provides often life-saving assistance to farming families who are experiencing hardship due to drought, fire, flood, and other natural disasters. We will have collection tins at all our live events or you can donate on the Drought Angels website. Please help us to help

Electric Kids Music

Helping Other Musicians

Our blog, Electric Kids Music, was also born out of a desire to give back. From our personal experience getting media attention for our new music was one of the most difficult tasks we faced as a band. When we were told by a major media outlet that "we only feature famous people" we decided it was time to do something to help others facing the same battle. Since then, we have helped numerous independent children's musicians promote their new music through our in-depth reviews.

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